Access All Areas: Livestream Program

Go behind the scenes with Victorian Opera’s Access All Areas: Livestream Program without leaving the classroom.


Join the company in a series of four interactive livestreamed workshops that take your students behind the scenes of Victorian Opera’s production of Alice Through the Opera Glass.

Hosted by music educator Angus Grant, students will gain access to the creative process, rehearsal studio and orchestra pit as they learn the tricks of the theatrical trade.

Ideal for Primary School students in Years F-6.

Aligns with Australian Curriculum General Capabilities and Learning Areas in:

  • The Arts – Music, Drama and Visual Arts
  • Languages – French, Italian and German
  • English

Supported by downloadable classroom resources and activities tailored to each workshop.

The Access All Areas: Livestream Program is easily accessed online with all four workshops now available on-demand, with up to three additional views.

What will we learn about?

All workshops will run for approximately 45 minutes and are livestreamed directly into the classroom. Sections of this production will be sung in French, Italian and German with English scene descriptors.

Workshop 1: Alice Through the Opera Glass
Discover the origins of opera and meet the characters.

Workshop 2: The design process
See the design process unfold around the costumes, set and props for each opera featured in the performance.

Workshop 3: Inside the rehearsal room
Meet the artists and creative team as you enter the rehearsal room to witness how an opera production comes together.

Workshop 4: An orchestral reading
Experience a live orchestral rehearsal and learn about the various instruments that make up the orchestra.

If your school is located over 150km from Arts Centre Melbourne, please see this page.

Victorian Opera acknowledges the support of the Department of Education and Training, Victoria, through the Strategic Partnerships Program