Quick Facts - The Selfish Giant

17 May 2022

Who is the composer of The Selfish Giant? 

Conductor, pianist, and composer Simon Bruckard, who is one of the busiest young stars of the Australian music industry. He is currently a member of music staff with Opera Australia and conducts regularly for Victorian Opera in Melbourne. For Victorian Opera, he has conducted Hansel and Gretel, Alice Through the Opera Glass and three world premiere operas. 

To read more about Simon, be sure to visit his website - www.simonbruckard.com 


Who is the librettist of The Selfish Giant

Emma Muir-Smith, who is based in London and Melbourne, Australian writer, director, and performer. Emma Muir-Smith is an award-winning interdisciplinary artist whose work encompasses theatre, opera, and classical music. 

To read more about Emma, be sure to visit her website - www.emmamuirsmith.com 


What is the plot of the opera? 

“Furious that children have been playing in his garden, the Giant posts a sign that children should keep out. In these conditions, Spring cannot take root, so Winter returns to settle a grey, endless chill on the once beautiful garden. While the religious symbolism of Wilde’s original story is excised, the message of the beauty to be found in the sharing of resources remains a potent one.” From a review by Simon Parris of the 2019 performance of The Selfish Giant. 


Who are the main characters, and who is playing them? 

The Giant Stephen Marsh

First Fairy Eliza Bennetts O'Connor

Second Fairy Miriam Whiting-Reilly

Spring Lucy Schneider

Snow Joshua Morton-Galea

Wind Nick Sheppard

Frost Christopher-Jack Andrew

Winter Hannah Kostros

Child 1 Uma Dobia

Child 2 Cen Wei

Child 3 Hartley Trusler

Child 4 Jack Jordan


What can I expect from this opera? 

Running just over an hour, The Selfish Giant takes it time with the relatively simple story, allowing each beat to land with leisurely pace. Where modern operas have a potential tendency towards atonal music and abstract soundscapes, Bruckard’s music is lush and beautiful, and nicely varied to fit the range of characters. Chorus harmonies are particularly gorgeous, especially as sung by the vivacious Victorian Opera Youth Chorus.” From a review by Simon Parris of the 2019 performance of The Selfish Giant.