Beyond the Stage: Composing New Opera

Join composers Kevin March and Simon Bruckard as they dissect their scores for the new work Echo and Narcissus / Cassandra.

This exciting new program offers you and your students access to:

  • Video interviews with the composers on a range of compositional topics.
  • A performance of Echo and Narcissus / Cassandra, available to view on-demand.
  • Curriculum-aligned resources featuring hands-on classroom activities to get students putting theory into practice.

Ideal for secondary school students in Years 9-12 studying Music and Music Styles and Composition. 

What will the video interviews cover?

In each interview, Kevin and Simon discuss a different topic around composing for opera, drawing from the score of Echo and Narcissus / Cassandra to provide examples and demonstrations.

  • Video 1: Introduction
    Familiarise yourself with opera and some of the key characteristics that separate it from composing for other art forms.
  • Video 2: The relationship between the libretto and music score
    Learn about the text in the libretto and how it can impact or guide a composer's creative decisions when writing the music.
  • Video 3: Compositional devices
    Kevin and Simon demonstrate how they utilise a variety of elements of music and employ compositional devices in their work to create a specific atmosphere, sound or texture and elicit a particular response in the listener. 
  • Video 4: Composing for voice
    Discover the stylistic choices on offer when composing for the different voice types in opera and what the composer should consider when writing music for voice.
  • Video 5: The orchestration process
    Kevin and Simon reveal the process behind orchestrating for an ensemble and discuss choosing instruments and the reasons behind their choices.

Program cost

  • Digital access to Echo and Narcissus / Cassandra - $20 per school.
  •  Access to the interview series and resource - $5 per student. No charge to teachers.

How do I book? 

Register online via the button below. Complete the online registration with the number of students participating and details of the main contact.

An invoice for payment will be emailed to you once you've successfully registered for the program. Once payment has been made, we will send you the link and log-in details you will need to access this program.

If you have any questions or need help registering, contact Education Manager Ioanna Salmanidis on (03) 9012 6659 or via email.

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