Ras-Samuel Welda'abzgi


Most recent Victorian Opera performance

Ras-Samuel played Johnny Flint (Baby Face) in Happy End, March 2022. 


Ras-Samuel is a vassal to tell stories that are gifted to him, he is on a mission to share those gifts with the world. Recent screen works include The Last Supper, BLVCK GOLD, Jebena Genie, Breath, Found in a Dream, and consulting for a Netflix Series.   

He holds theatre dear to his heart, with stage credits including Because the Night (Malthouse Theatre), Twelfth Night (Melbourne Shakespeare Company), Romeo & Juliet,  The Importance of Being Earnest, Graceful Giraffe, Oklahoma, and Huckleberry Musical.  

Ras-Samuel is also part of the Sub30 Collective, an established collective with a residency at The Malthouse. In 2020 they created The Retreat, a hybrid of film and theatre that was shot cinematically (Hamilton style). 
When he is not working you can find him training and working on his craft at Brave Studios where he received a full, long-term scholarship to train since 2012.