Our Story and Values

Reimagining the potential of opera and musical theatre, for everyone.

Salome, February 2020

Our Artistic Vision

Victorian Opera is the custodian of the great and exalted traditions of a complex art form, which opens windows on the marvellous through the synthesis of music, drama and scenography. Opera is reflected in the mirror of society spanning the ages, through which community see themselves and share their fundamental humanity reflected in the transfiguring magic of song, drama, and the rituals of theatre. The nature of opera has always changed with history—and at Victorian Opera we are committed to continuing this creative evolution in response to the ever-changing circumstances of our world to provide a life-affirming, exuberant and evolving experience through the rich possibilities of our contemporary environment.

When it comes to opera, we believe these future possibilities are limited only by the capacity of our imaginations. Because for a world in which the individual is becoming increasingly isolated, we prescribe the sharing of unique experience—an experience made available both in the theatre and through information technology, accessible to all.

We believe in the unlimited potential of this art form to move people, to spark conversation, to enhance human understanding and remind us of the life-giving force of great singing and the sustaining power of connection to the human family through art.

So if you think you know opera, think again.

Parsifal, February 2019

Our Story

Victorian Opera is the state opera company of Victoria. We make creative, accessible and affordable work for everyone while adventurously evolving our art form. 
Since the company was founded in October 2005, Victorian Opera has entertained hundreds of thousands of people with our imaginative approach to opera and musical theatre. Each year, we premiere at least one new Australian opera and have commissioned 32 new works since our formation.
We employ hundreds of people across the creative industries, recruit some of the finest local singers, and collaborate with Australia’s leading companies, venues and learning institutions.  
The next generation of talent is developed from the ground up through the Victorian Opera Youth Chorus Ensemble (VOYCE) and our innovative Access All Areas: Livestream Program. 
We also stage opera in Tasmania biennially to share the joy of our art form even further. 
Recognised for our unique contribution to the country’s operatic landscape, Victorian Opera proudly became an Australian Major Performing Arts company in 2019, and transitioned to the National Performing Arts Partnership Framework in 2021.
As the world went into lockdown, we got to work; sharing our passion far and wide with a range of web series and online performances. Returning home to the stage, we embrace the new normal and will continue to perform in Victoria's finest theatres and concert halls to give our audiences the best possible and safest experience. 
Be it live or online, Victorian Opera is here to inspire you.

Lorelei, November 2018

Our Values

Humanity: Our people are vital to everything we do. We provide an environment that fosters personal development and professional growth so that our teams are our toughest critics, biggest challengers and loudest supporters.

Integrity: We strive to uphold the highest standards in all our actions and endeavour to be exceptional citizens in the communities in which we live and work.

Respect: We respect the individual human rights and privacy of everyone, overcoming all forms of discrimination, whether based on belief, ethnicity, nationality, gender or physical ability. 

Diversity: We embrace diverse voices and stories and encourage their development whilst continually seeking to learn from them.

Leadership: We lead in our field by reimagining and evolving our art form through new Australian work, nurturing current and future talent and adopting emerging technology.

Creativity: Our creativity knows no bounds and we declare the wonder of the human voice and its capacity to touch heart, bring joy and open windows on the marvellous in art.

Excellence: We pursue excellence in everything we do.       

William Tell, July 2018