Our Story and Values

Reimagining the potential of opera and musical theatre, for everyone.

Salome, February 2020

Our Artistic Vision

OPERA. It’s a word grounded in tradition and heritage. When most people hear the term they imagine melodrama, grand theatres and storied composers. And then quite often they think of a time gone by, a museum piece artform.

But not for us.

When we think about opera, our gaze is fixed to the future. When it comes to opera, we believe the best days lie ahead.

Because for a world that’s staring at screens, we prescribe the stage.

The night out.

The live moment.

And the unique magic of a community who are together as music soars.

We believe in the unlimited potential of this artform to move people, all people. To spark conversation, to help us understand one another and to remind us of what it means to be alive and to live in a vibrant cultural city.

But that potential can only be realised if we throw out the rules and make opera for everyone. If we re-imagine the very idea of what opera can be and then start creating contemporary storytelling relevant to everyone in our community.

So if you think you know opera, think again. Because at Victorian Opera, we’re just getting started.

Parsifal, February 2019

Our Story

Victorian Opera is the state opera company of Victoria. We make creative, accessible and affordable work for everyone while adventurously evolving our art form. 
Since the company was founded in October 2005, Victorian Opera has entertained hundreds of thousands of people with our imaginative approach to opera and musical theatre. Each year, we premiere at least one new Australian opera and have commissioned 32 new works since our formation.
We employ hundreds of people across the creative industries, recruit some of the finest local singers, and collaborate with Australia’s leading companies, venues and learning institutions.  
The next generation of talent is developed from the ground up through the Victorian Opera Youth Chorus Ensemble (VOYCE) and our innovative Access All Areas: Livestream Program. 
We also stage opera in Tasmania biennially to share the joy of our art form even further. 
Recognised for our unique contribution to the country’s operatic landscape, Victorian Opera proudly became an Australian Major Performing Arts company in 2019. In 2021 we will transition to the newly formed National Performing Arts Partnership Program. 
As the world went into lockdown, we got to work; sharing our passion far and wide with a range of web series and online performances. Returning home to the stage, we embrace the new normal and will continue to perform in Victoria's finest theatres and concert halls to give our audiences the best possible and safest experience. 
Be it live or online, Victorian Opera is here to inspire you.

Lorelei, November 2018

Our Values

Humanity: Human beings are at the heart of our art and they are not replaceable. We will go on exploring their endless abilities to deliver the deepest and the widest range of emotions.

Respect: We embrace diverse voices, appreciate difference and seek to learn from others. We work in a spirit of cooperation and reach out to all communities.

Leadership: We are committed to leading the way in reimagining and evolving our art form by presenting new works, adopting emerging technologies and nurturing future talent. 

Excellence: We strive to do the best in everything we do and produce the highest quality work that will be remembered. 

Integrity: We are honest, open, trustworthy and fair. We always strive to act ethically and consistently. 

Creativity: We continually think outside traditional modes and present transformative productions that inspire and surprise.

William Tell, July 2018