Patrons' Engagement Program


Experience your patronage at work first-hand and let us say thank you for your commitment to Victorian Opera. Join us for behind-the-scenes access, hear new works in development, preview upcoming productions, and socialise with the stars of today and tomorrow.

2021 Activities

Wednesday 13 March, 12pm

Echo & Narcissus/Cassandra
Composer & Director's Talk & Sneak Peek Rehearsal

Wednesday 17 March, 6:30pm
Echo & Narcissus / Cassandra - Pre-Show Reception

Friday 19 March, 6.30 pm
Echo & Narcissus / Cassandra - Pre-Show Reception

Saturday 20 March, 12.00 pm
Echo & Narcissus / Cassandra - Pre-Show Reception

Tuesday 13 April, 9:45am
The Pearl Fishers - Sneak Peek Rehearsal

Thursday 22 April, 5.30 pm
The Pearl Fishers - Pre-Show Reception

Friday 28 May, 9.30 am
Parrwang Lifts the Sky - Sneak Peek Rehearsal CANCELLED due to lockdown

Saturday 12 June, 1.00 pm
Parrwang Lifts the Sky - Pre-Show Reception. CANCELLED due to lockdown

Friday 25 June 6:00pm 
Lorelei - Sneak Peek Rehearsal.  CANCELLED due to COVID restrictions

Wednesday 30 June, 6.30 pm
Lorelei - Pre-Show Reception

Tuesday 3 August, 12:30pm
Voss - Sneak Peek Rehearsal CANCELLED due to COVID restrictions 

Wednesday 4 August, 6.30 pm
Voss - Pre-Show Reception CANCELLED due to COVID restrictions 

Wednesday 11 August, 12:30pm
The Who’s Tommy -Sneak Peek Rehearsal CANCELLED due to COVID restrictions 

Saturday 14 August, 6.30 pm

The Who’s Tommy - Pre-Show Reception CANCELLED due to COVID restrictions 

Friday 1 October, 6.30 pm
The Friends of Salamanca - Pre-Show reception. CANCELLED due to COVID restrictions 

Stay tuned for future activities, and the announcement of our 2022 Program

Check back for regular updates. 

For more information, please contact Peter Garnick, Philanthropy Executive, 0423 068 833 or email